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This plugin is pretty straight forward and simply auto generates keywords and description meta tags for search engine optimization. Not all templates seem to include this feature and as a result I felt the need to create a plugin to do the job. Once installed simply activate the Plugin through the Installed plugins screen and you are pretty much done. The options screen is optional but recommended since it affects your default page which will tell any search engine what your entire site is about.

I have added additional support for people like me who have several static pages as well as their post pages. You can now specify Keywords and Descriptions for any static page including the home page. From the settings screen you can see all of your static pages and change the information for any one of them. If you rename a page later on, no big deal the plugin uses page ids so as long as you do not delete the page its keywords will always follow it.

Please leave me any feedback as this is my first wordpress plugin I am more then willing to take pointers and tips.




//Change Log

  • v1.3 – Fixed bug where 2.9.1 inserts <P> into category descriptions.
  • v1.2
    • Added Author Tag to posts and allow user to turn it off
    • Updated output to not add extra commas to the end of keyword string
    • Fixed bug where homepage information was not being saved
  • v1.1 – Fixed issue with links
  • v1.0 – Initial Release submitted to

24 Responses to “Auto Keywords and Description Generator”

  1. serg says:

    Can this plugin read keywords and descriptions, that my pages already have. Now it can show a list of pages, but all fields for keywords is empty

  2. No, this plugin does not attempt to read the content of static pages and generate keywords or descriptions. Instead for static pages it allows you to specify keywords and descriptions. For blog posts however the keywords and descriptions are both generated based on your title and your tags you have assigned to the post.

  3. Clair Schwan says:

    Very nice plug-in. Thank you for developing this. It’s just what I’ve been looking for since my theme, Eximius, doesn’t provide a spot for keywords for the blog, pages or posts. It’s difficult to get SEO without those, so your plug-in works very well for us.

    I especially like that it doesn’t duplicate keywords when the category is the same as one of the tags.

    One suggestion: create an algorithm that looks at the title of the post, the first sentence, and the tag listing to determine what THE keyword is for the post and then list that first in the keyword listings. THE keyword for the post should occur in all three places. Some search engines pay attention only to the first keyword in a listing, using the rest to identify generally what the post is about.

    Thanks again for a great plug-in.

  4. Roger says:

    You are missing the right bracket on one of you closing DIV tags. It is the 5th one from the bottom. It is causing a serious layout issue, where as the admin footer covers the “Update Options” button. Also, the admin footer gets included with your DIVs setup and is blocked styled within your DIVs style instead of being spaned out across the bottom of the admin page.

    Thanks! 🙂

  5. Roger says:

    Otherwise, AWESOME plugin!!!

  6. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I have made the update and posted it to

  7. Roger says:

    Your are welcome 🙂 Thanks for the quick response!!!!!!!!!!

    Also may I suggest on your next release, if you could consider adding a \n to all your echo tags (you have some, but not all)?

    This would help the page source layout when viewing a website through the page source option.

    Otherwise it all runs together on one line. Just a little perk of mine since I like to have the page source to look nice as well as the website!

    Sorry to have not mentioned this in the last post, but majority of the time there isn’t an answer/resolution from plugin developers within a reasonable amount of time (if they choose to answer/resolve the issue). Many times, post sits in “waiting to be moderated” for a very long time 🙁


  8. Roger says:

    Oops, disregard that request. I was thinking of something else. The only output you have to the webpage is the meta tags. I don’t actually view page source on admin panels (only when something is wrong though).

    Sorry about that. I wasn’t thinking!

  9. Joe V says:

    Installed it quick and works perfectly! Thanks for the great plugin!

  10. Is that mean that the plugin will generate a some keyword on each new posts? or I have to type manually for the keyword?

  11. The keywoards are generated from the tags you supply about the post. It will not use the content of each post to generate the keywords.

  12. Mike says:

    I tried ur plug-in, it didn’t show the auto keyword & description options within the config. But worse it’s now broken my wordpress blog , it’s unable to show the posts. The posts are still there within wp-admin, but none show up in the blog.

    I’ve deactivated and deleted the plugin, but it’s not fixed the problem. I want to avoid having to re-install my blog… nightmare.

    Pls, advise which files & code it had made changes so I can rectify the problem.


  13. The plugin system of WordPress doesn’t allow the modifying of any code. If your WP blog is still not working after the removal of my plugin there is something else wrong with either your configuration or your theme possibly. As for the plugin not working and showing up in the admin section please note the version of WP you are using so I can look into this. All the version listed under the support section have been tested and verified.

  14. […] Auto Keywords and Description Generator […]

  15. Battle4NET says:

    thanx, nice work.

  16. harley motor says:

    Did you have developt somethink like description generator software???

  17. Christian says:

    Hi. Thanks for putting up a great plugin!

    I am wondering, is there some way to have the plugin not edit the homepage (the “frontpage”) if one doesn’t enter any information into the homepage keywords and homepage description boxes?

    My homepage now has and , which is confusing some search engines.

    Is there some way around this problem? Hope to hear from you. Thanks!

  18. Christian says:

    Seems like the tags in my code in my previous post fell thru the cracks, I have replaced the tags with parentheses: (meta name=”keywords” content=””) and (meta name=”description” content=””)

  19. Currently there is not a feature to leave it off the home page. I never really thought of a good reason to leave it off since that is the primary page search engines use to generate descriptions of your site. Are you filling out the information via the plugin for the Home Page? There is a dedicated section which applies to the home page specifically just incase that page changes you never have to update the meta data.

  20. I apologize but I do not understand the question being asked.

  21. Christian says:

    It’s probably me not making myself understood, but I’ll try again: I currently have another meta tag manager which holds all my meta name information. However it does not generate auto meta tags etc, so I am using your plugin for that. This means tho that your plugin and the other meta plugin I am using are duplicating the meta tags “keywords” and “description”. So now, I have two of those entries in my header. Hence I am looking for a way to make your plugin not generate those two meta tags in the homepage (frontpage). View the source on my blog ( to see.

    By the way, your plugin has a problem with the ‘ character. Whenever I write f.ex. “Christian’s”, I’m getting “Christian\’s”. It appears in the homepage description field.

    Hope this was a bit clearer. Thanks for the quick reply!

  22. LA says:


    I use your plug-ins my website but I cant see all info as like your screen.

    Its because of update or any reason, I can see only:
    1. Homepage Keywords seperated by commas:
    2. Homepage Description:

    No others option Auto Keywords and Description Generator button.

    Anyway, thanks

  23. The only reason my screen shot shows so many different options are because all of those items are static pages on my site. I only use the blogging features of worpress in order to post my coding samples.

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