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//TCP Message Framework

TCP Message Framework is a simple framework built to make transport of TCP messages via C# a little easier. I have devised a method of sending messages and unpacking them on the other side that requires no additional coding to handle any new message type a programmer might come up with. Need to create a keep-alive packet. Simply inherit the message class, write the server side and client side code and you are done. The transport and unwrapping of the message is all handled by the framework.

I used a very similar method when writing my instant messenger client/server. There is some overhead but when weighed out against it’s simplcity its very minimal. If you would like you can download the entire sample project or view the code through this website.

Download Sample ProjectView Code


CompilePad is a simple to use Compiler / Editor for CSharp files. It has a single purpose which is to allow the user to run very simple applications. I personally use this app when I need to quickly test the output of something or debug a single function which would normally require the creation of a new “Test” app.

Other then that there really isn’t a whole lot to this application other then I have tried to build in some nice features for formatting code and allowing the user to opt in or out of verbose messages. The user can also customize references which are added to the compiled assembly via the References option.


//Visual Studio Line Counter Addin

Line Counter DropdownVisual Studio Line Counter Addin is exactly what the name implies, this addin simply allows you count every line of code in your solution. Its break down counts by project and breaks each individual file down by Code, Blank Lines, and Comments.

This was written to help me get a handle on just how many lines of code any one project was taking me. Not only to help make my code smaller and easier to maintain but to help show clients that their “simple” fix isn’t always as simple as it sometimes seems. The addin directly integrates into Visual Studio 2008 and will appear by default as a floating window. Simply right click on the window as you would any other tool window and Dock it or set it as a Tabbed Window. You will also find a new menu option which will allow you to show the window at any time under Tools labeled Line Counter Addin.


//Visual Studio Video Addin

Visual Studio Video SmallVisual Studio Video Addin is a result of me getting tired of moving around my video windows which are set to always on top. If you are like me and can’t afford several monitors for your home setup or you are just on the road with a laptop and want to watch video while you code then this addin will give you the best of both worlds.

This addin will allow you to play any type of video which the normal Windows Media Player will allow you to play. Nothing to special about this addin just really filling a gap which I was unable to find elsewhere.


//Time Keeper Lite

Time Keeper ExpandedTime Keeper Light is a simple easy quick and dirty Time Keeping Application. I use this to track overall time I spend on contract projects. It uses a simple XML file to store details about what you did on a project during a particular time period. This comes in handy when trying to create reports based off of what you have done for a given project. It will give you your overall time spent as well as the break down on every time you click the start and stop button.

Yet another project which was written out of necessity. It turns out that necessity truly is the mother of all invention or in this case creation. This is by no means the most advance time tracker out there it’s just something simple and very straight to the point.


//Docking Windows Library

Dock Top with ModalThis is a pretty extensive library giving the developer the ability to add docked windows to their project similar to that which you find in Apple’s OSX.

Simply define your form as a DockableWindow class and set a few properties and you are done. The library will handle all the styling and moving of the window to maintain its docked position. For a full user manual please visit the DockableWindows manual page.


//Auto Keywords and Description

This plugin is pretty straight forward and simply auto generates keywords and description meta tags for search engine optimization.

Not all templates seem to include this feature and as a result I felt the need to create a plugin to do the job. Once installed simply activate the Plugin through the Installed plugins screen and you are pretty much done. The options screen is optional but recommended since it affects your default page which will tell any search engine what your entire site is about.


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