Russell Boivin

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“Michael has earned the respect from his team, co-workers and Senior Management. Michael is creative, knowledgeable and well diverse in various technologies. He has a better understanding of the concepts of software design and engineering than most people I have encountered over my 25 years in the industry. Michael’s ability to understand and interrupt the needs of the business and convey that information to his team has improved the level of service to the customers. He is one of the more thorough individuals in architecting is code design beforehand and has produced a higher quality product. Michael’s investment into the team by mentoring and training has increased the throughput of the development team but also improved the level of quality in the product.”


Michael Weyand

// Recommendations

“Have a question? He’ll provide you with the information you need to get the job done. Not sure about the scope of a project? He has the ability to step back and see the broader view. Michael is fantastic to work with. When he delves into his development work you can expect top-notch results. When he’s organizing a project you better believe that it will be well architected. His programming knowledge spans multiple languages and platforms; always adapting to the task at hand. The skillset he possesses rivals the best, but he’s always willing to learn more. As a fellow developer, I believe Michael to be nothing but an asset to any company he is with and would gladly recommend him to anyone.”


Christof Jans

// Recommendations

“Michael is extremely knowledgeable in software development, networking and windows infrastructure management. His skills were apparent to both colleagues and management and both relied on him for expertise. He can be trusted to take on a lot of responsibility. He is a team player and enjoyable to be around. I would not hesitate to recommend him in a position of software developer or team lead.”

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