About Me

Me In MotionWell, as you can tell from the domain name, title of this site and a few other hints that are dropped all over the place my name is Michael E. Chancey Jr. I am a 32 year-old software engineer who’s career happens to be the exact same thing as my favorite hobby; put more plainly I love my job. I have been writing code since the age of 9, although I didn’t actually start doing code for other people until about the age of 12. I now spend most of my time writing software or finding ways to improve upon my current skills. I have always felt that no matter how well you do something you can always do it a little bit better next time.

I am multi-lingual, no not with speech but instead with computers. I have made it a point to make myself as familiar with as many languages as possible so that I can meet the needs that any client may throw at me. I do not like to pigeon hole myself into a single method of writing code. I like to leverage any technology that may help make a product I am creating better at the same time as making my life a little easier. I pride myself on being able to adapt as fast as the technology around my industry.

As you can tell from some of my posts on this site my preferred language is C-Sharp but I am just as at home with any of the .NET languages. I really enjoy putting together ASP.NET websites incorporating anything from shopping carts to customer relation managers. I have made sure to make myself very familiar with all the common web based languages including JavaScript and Action Script.

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